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Together we have over 6o years of chiropractic experience.

Your Practitioners

Our team is committed to enhancing our clients health and wellbeing by providing professional care in a safe and comfortable environment.

Fiona Glenn

BSc UNSW, MChiro Macq

Founder and director of Forrest Chiropractic, Fiona Glenn is a native of Canberra, and as a child lived abroad in various countries for many years with her family.

Fiona experienced chiropractic firsthand after being involved in a car accident, the positive result sparked her interest in chiropractic as a career possibility.

Chiropractic suited her well in all aspects of its science, art and philosophy.

Fiona received her tertiary education at the University of NSW (Bachelor of Science and Mathematics, majoring in anatomy and physiology) and Macquarie University (Master of Chiropractic), graduating in 1990.

Alongside her preferred chiropractic application of Network Spinal, Fiona has a unique combination of trainings in such techniques as Activator Methods, Professional Applied Kinesiology, NET (NeuroEmotional Technique), Retained Neonatal Reflexes, Neurointegration System (brain to body link), and Visceral Technique, and for 30 years, has helped many people overcome challenges in various aspects of their lives and to realise their full potential.

“I have a great respect for the body’s innate ability to heal when given the chance. I also realise the power in the fundamentals: quality water, nutrition, sleep, movement, happy social environment, sunshine, and free-flowing neural and energy systems”.

Fiona also teaches Nia, which is a holistic fitness practice that combines dance, martial arts and mindfulness, and aligns perfectly with her body-mind-spirit perspective. She leads quality classes and workshops, and is focused on evolving the Nia practice and growing the Nia community worldwide.

“We want to get the body, mind and spirit on the same page. We pursue the coherence of the whole person. The application of my approach to chiropractic techniques and the activity of Nia do this really, really well”.

Her mother had a strong influence in her life and taught her to follow her heart. So she does. She follows her heart and soul, living a soul-powered life filled with meaning and purpose.

Outside of practise Fiona has a rich life with family and friends and various interests. She is happily married, and has two almost grown-up boys.

Linda Tarran

BSc UNSW, GradDipChiro SCC

Linda is a graduate of the University of NSW and the Sydney College of Chiropractic. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Anatomy) and a Graduate Diploma of Chiropractic. 

She is Advanced and Instructor rated in Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique and has instructed at both post graduate seminars and Macquarie University. 

In practice since 1988, she has many years of experience as an associate chiropractor and owning her own practice for 15 years in Sydney prior to moving to Canberra in 2013.

Linda’s passion since her youth has been embracing health from a wholistic perspective, encompassing the physical, nutritional and mental and emotional pillars of health. Combined with her love of learning, she has studied Applied Kinesiology, NeuroEmotional Technique, Paediatrics and Retained Neo-natal reflexes as well as Neurointegration System. 

She regularly attends conferences, seminars and reads widely to remain up to date and better help her patients.

Coming to chiropractic from a dance background in her youth, Linda loves her Nia classes with Fiona and dancing with the wider Nia community.

She also enjoys yoga. In her spare time Linda enjoys pottering around her  garden and cooking healthy meals, hopefully with a few ingredients from the veggie patch.